Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Kiwi in the House!

Last weekend Aidan and I went to see one of New Zealand's latest musical exports - Liam Finn. He's the son of Neil Finn, legendary front man of Crowded House and Split Enz. With that source of DNA, it's no surprise that Liam Finn put on an amazing show Upstairs at the Middle East in Cambridge.

He's pretty much a one man band, with back up from a lovely woman named EJ. He also backed himself up, by using all sorts of fancy equipment with his feet to record and playback his guitar playing so he could wail along on the drums. Luckily I was able to see all this elaborate footwork from my vantage point right on the side of the tiny stage. I almost missed it, too. We had been positioned right in the middle of the crowd, with very tall people in front of us. But then just before Liam took the stage, I got something in my eye. I couldn't get it out by blinking, so had to find the bathroom to use the mirror. Liam came out while I sorted out that an eyelash had somehow gotten behind my contact lens. Once I got it out, we made our way back out, and found that just by the bathroom we could see the whole stage perfectly, if not quite front on.

Liam Finn Upstairs at the Middle EastI had never heard his music before, and it was wonderful, really melodic, but rocky. I've since listened to his newest CD some, and it's definitely a bit mellower than he is in person, but still, really great listening. And he sounds so much like his father.

So it was totally great to get out and support a Kiwi out in the world, but I'm such a tool. The part of the night that made me most happy was that he was the opening opening act (he wasn't even listed on the tickets). Meaning he went on first, right around 9:45, so leaving right after he finished up, I was able to be home by 11:00. Such a loser. ;)

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Marrisa said...

Coooooel! Thats brilliant, hey rock and roll baby, 11pm!!! xx