Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Serious Crunch Time

Three days from now we depart. One week from today we arrive in New Zealand. In between we hang with the rellies in California. I need to pack.

We're taking the full allowance. 2 bags per person = 8 bags. 2 of those are car seat bags, so the rest will be clothes, shoes, and other assorted stuff that we forgot to put in the container. Toys, books, appliances, etc. Hopefully it all fits.

We had a lovely going away party just before Thanksgiving. About 100 people showed up to wish us well on our move. I didn't think we knew that many people.

Our last American Thanksgiving was a traditional feast with family. Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, the works. We'll have to try to keep up the tradition in New Zealand. Maybe we'll do 2, one in November as usual, and then one in New Zealand harvest time, since really, it's a harvest celebration. You can never have too many reasons to stuff yourself silly. I hope we can get turkey there.

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Masada said...

We had a hard time finding turkey's in Wellington. The ones we did find were pretty expensive and quite small (basically chicken sized). It is hard to maintain the tradition inside a culture that doesn't even register that the holiday occurs.

We decided to go to KFC and buy way to much chicken! *grin* It was fun and easy to do.

Good luck with the travel! I hope you settle in to your new home in record time. I can't wait to read more!