Friday, 19 December 2008

Transition Time

We've been here just over a week now. It's crazy days. We're having a blast so far, though it doesn't really seem any different to a normal vacation yet. We finally got a car yesterday! So that's good. We're looking for a house. We'd like to buy, rather than rent, just so we don't have to move twice. It's a buyer's market, but that still doesn't make it easy.

I don't feel like I can really update until I feel like we really live here now. So stay tuned for that...


Dennis said...

Kya! Welcome to New Zealand. Dennis Gallagher here. I've been following your adventures on the expats site for some time now. I'm currently here in Chch house sitting for some other American expats. I mention this because the house I'm house-sitting is for sale. To see their house on-line, go to and look up ID # 173213. I'm going to be off and doing things from now until just after New Years but after that, we should all get together for coffee or lunch. dennis at samadhisoft dot com. Cheers!

Kya said...

Thanks for the welcome, Dennis. I'd love to get together sometime, but I'm in Napier! It'd be a bit of a drive just for coffee. ;) If you're ever in Hawkes Bay, drop me a line.

Masada said...

Kia Ora!

I bet Napier is looking fabulous. I'd like to zip up there this holiday and have a look around. I also want to find out when the Art Deco weekend party is. I'd just like to see it, I don't have a thing to wear to it.

I am curious if you will begin to pick up the same culture shock I experienced after a few months. You've been here before so I might tend to say you won't. But I wonder if really living here changes how you experience it. Regardless it all smooths out eventually.

I hope this moves gives you all you dreamed about.